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420 Mobile Consumption Lounge. First of its Kind

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

" There's nothing like having a nice VIP type of atmosphere to medicate and chill with friends and Colleagues"

Cannabis Consumption lounges are a Stress Reliever. Sign up to be the first to experience 420 Ultimate Tours Bus Consumption Lounge. VIP memberships are limited but available now. As you know it’s against the law to consume cannabis in public. 420 Ultimate Tours have the perfect proven remedy for those that need to consume on the go. 420 Ultimate Tours will use one of the buses as a VIP cannabis Lounge. As a member you will have access to the bus at Special events. The Bus will be parked at different locations at different times. We have contracted with some dope companies for Super Bowl weekend and this will be 420 Ultimate Tours Coming out Party. Founder and CEO of 420 Ultimate Tours says. “ It’s time that people have a safe, comfortable, legal place to hang out and enjoy the plant. Personally I love the New Mobile Consumption Lounge.

You meet cool people and it’s a great place to network when out at events. I’ve meet some cool people on the 420 Ultimate Tours Consumption bus. In the past we have teamed up with some dope companies to help enhance their event and provide a 420 Friendly

Option. We have also helped with product launches with some of your favorite AZ Brands. Visit the below link and check out some past Experiences. For questions or inquiries please email

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